SBS / CJZ - Documentary Series - 2018

In a new SBS documentary, ten Muslim Australians with different views on their faith live under one roof for eight days to explore what it means to be a Muslim in modern, multicultural Australia. While the housemates are united in faith, they have differing views on what it means to be a Muslim.

'Muslims Like Us' showcases the diverse range of interpretations of Islam that are practised in Australia, with the broader aim of giving Australian audiences a chance to learn more about what it means to be a Muslim today.



Mike Jenkins/John Edwards - Mini Series - 2017

Starring Richard Roxburgh and Toni Collette, this iconic Australian drama is reprised with a new and modern chapter. Blue Murder is a powerful and gritty portayal of the ultimate downfall of the infamous former cop, Roger Rogerson. Screening in August on the Seven network. Blue Murder is a powerful and gritty portayal of the ultimate downfall of the infamous former cop, Roger Rogerson. Screening in August on the Seven network. More Info


HorrorMovie FeatureCrd.jpeg

HORROR MOVIE, A Low Budget Nightmare

Gary Doust - Feature Documentary / ABC Series - 2017

In this comedic observational documentary, actor/director Craig Anderson trades in his day job to make his first super-low-budget horror film Red Christmas. With budget issues, union troubles, a Hollywood ‘scream queen’ and even a circumcision to overcome, we follow Craig’s hilarious and sometimes scary roller-coaster journey from pre-production to the very end, as he gambles his life savings to make a feature film in the highly competitive digital age. More Info




NATGEO - Documentary Series - 2017

This 8-Part documentary series was commissioned by National Geographic and produced by Media Stockade. "One Ship. Thousands of Patients. One year to help. A team of medics facing life and death decisions. Out on the ocean, the doctors and nurses travel to the poorest of the poor living in West Africa. The ship carries life saving medical services for people who have none. With no medical help, sufferers must survive the best they can – unless the ship is in port. More Info



Hollie Fifer - Feature Documentary - 2016

The Opposition, directed by Hollie Fifer and Produced by Media Stockade, asks the important question: How can we ethically build sustainable industry in developing countries? How can impoverished communities break free from the cycle of poverty and aid-dependence and develop economically – whilst balancing the needs of community, history and culture? The site for this unfolding drama is Paga Hill, the luscious mountain peninsula of Port Moresby – the paradise everyone wants to claim. More Info



CJZ - Documentary Series - 2016

Revolution School is a 4 part documentary series which investigates how to improve secondary education in Australia. It tells the story of Kambrya College, a typical outer suburban high school in Melbourne. Kambrya struggles, but led by Principal Michael Muscat, it raises standards by applying cutting edge research. It reveals that change is challenging and confronting for students and teachers alike. However by applying simple low cost ideas in the classroom, Kambrya undergoes a dramatic transformation. More Info



Pauline Findlay - Drama - 2016

The film that became a novel ("Can you Feel It"). Eve, a deaf girl, becomes separated from her boyfriend Tom on a bush trail in the Blue Mountains in Australia. As dusk falls Eve struggles to find her way back, unable to hear the calls of help in the distance. Tom raise the alarm with the police only to find himself the main suspect in Eve's disappearance.  More Info



NITV - Documentary Series - 2016

John composed the Opening Titles for this daily prime-time NITV documentary show. Our Stories is a collection of mini documentaries - a rich series of digital songlines about culture, history, elders and youth. The series is produced by Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and media organisations from emerging, remote and regional sectors of Australia - each year producing over 120 documentaries for NITV daily. More Info



Rupert Glasson - Feature Drama - 2015

Starring Sophie Lowe and Beau Knapp, this magical feature film asks "Ever had the feeling that you are different? That you don't quite belong in your world? Well, Lola has felt that all her life. When we meet her, she's run off into the desert letting her famous parents believe she's been kidnapped. But she hasn't been kidnapped at all. In fact, she's met Marlo in a road side diner. And they've fallen hard in love. First love. Dangerous love". Shot in the desert around Los Angeles, this feature is most definitely a wild ride. More Info



Anthony Mir/Beyond - Feature Drama - 2015

Comedian Carl Baron's first foray into feature film. Co-starring Leeanna Walsman, this feel-good comedy-drama film tells the story of fictional stand-up comedian Manny Lewis. Successful comic Manny Lewis finds himself at the height of his popularity, but at the depths of his loneliness. Until one day by chance he meets the beautiful and complex Maria. With his fame skyrocketing, Manny must choose between taking a risk on love, or retreating to the confines of his lonely but lucrative career.. More Info



Cordell Jigsaw - Documentary Series - 2015

Winner Emmy Award, 'Golden Rose', 'Rose d'Or' and UN Peace Award

The boats may have stopped, but the debate has not. The ground-breaking and multi award-winning SBS documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From once again provoked national debate about how Australia responds to refugees and asylum seekers. Six Australians challenge their strongly held beliefs about refugees and asylum seekers on an immersive, reverse journey in which they retrace the steps of those seeking asylum to some of the most dangerous places in the world. . More Info



Media Stockade - Feature Documentary - 2014

Crammed with medical supplies and volunteer medics, a floating hospital sails to the poorest nations on earth. This year they sail for Guinea on the West African Coast. On arrival they will face the most severe of medical issues, not seen in other parts of the world. But the medical challenges are only half of the story. They will confront ethical decisions as they decide who will be helped and who will not. This is a searing, complex journey for the volunteer medics, as they deal with life and death cases. More Info



Amin Palangi - Feature Documentary - 2014

Love Marriage in Kabul is, at it's heart, a love story. Mahboba Rawi is a strong-willed Afghan-Australian woman who has dedicated her life to help orphans in Afghanistan. She is the founder of Mahboba’s Promise and a mother figure for thousands of orphans and widows currently supported by her programs. Abdul, one of these orphans, is in love with Fatemeh, the girl next door and they hope to marry each other one day. But Fatemeh’s father has other plans. More Info



Darcy Yuille - Drama - 2014

Peta is living two lives and desperately trying to hold on to some kind of stability. After crashing her car, she is helped by Shrink, a down to earth bloke who is stuck in his ways and in need of a change himself. Shrink decides to help Peta, but will she let him?



Rebecca Barry - Feature Documentary - 2013

Nominated for 4 AACTAS

John is incredibly proud to have written the score for Rebecca Barry's profound feature documentary, I am a Girl. Released Australia-wide at Palace Cinemas in 2013, and nominated for 4 AACTA Awards it follows the sometimes tragic lives of 6 girls from around the world, exploring their spirit and grace under pressure. They are all on the verge of an extraordinary life. More Info



Gary Doust - Documentary Series - 2013

Next Stop Hollywood is a 6 part observational TV series that follows 6 ambitious young actors to L.A. as they embark on one of the toughest journeys of their lives - to score a TV role in Hollywood during the frenzied and chaotic US TV pilot season. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, the series takes a broad swipe at the myth of the overnight success story, capturing all of the excitement, frustrations, fears and tears along the way. More Info



Cordell Jigsaw - Documentary Series - 2012

Winner Emmy Award, 'Golden Rose' and 'Rose d'Or'

In the second instalment of this multi-award-winning series, six prominent Australians risk their lives to experience the reality of refugee life, in an extraordinary and confronting three-week journey. Tempers flare as the Australians - Peter Reith, Catherine Deveny, Angry Anderson, Michael Smith, Imogen Bailey and Allan Asher - move in with resettled refugees and asylum seekers. More Info



Cordell Jigsaw - Documentary Series - 2012

Great Southern Land (ABC) produced by Cordell Jigsaw is a ground-breaking 4-part documentary series that takes viewers on a unique journey across Australia looking at the daily workings of a modern nation from a truly revealing perspective – above. More Info



Cordell Jigsaw - Documentary Series - 2011

Winner Emmy Award, 'Golden Rose' and 'Rose d'Or'

This multi-award winning three-part series follows six ordinary Australians who agree to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers. John composed the score for SBS's runaway success - produced by Cordell Jigsaw. More Info



Rupert Glasson - Feature Drama - 2009

Directed by Rupert Glasson, and produced by David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek). A woman unable to conceive a child with her husband, despite 15 months of trying, makes the drunken mistake of sleeping with a young stranger. The stranger then goes to terrifying lengths to prove his paternity.

The score is a dark blend of Celli and Contrabass, with very dynamic percussive sounds. Added to that is prepared piano and brooding electronic soundscapes. More Info



Legs on the Wall - 2008

Two musical pieces for Beijing Olympics Principal Sponsor VISA, for the dance company Legs On The Wall. These pieces were performed in Beijing during the Olympics.

The score is synchronised to a very high impact fusion of dance and multimedia. The dancers moved between two giant 30 metre forward and rear LCD screens which could be forward or rear projected with video and animation. More Info



Ben Phelps/John Maynard - Drama - 2008

A John Maynard production, and directed by Ben Phelps (Checkpoint), Nice Shootin' Cowboy is a tough portrayal of the misplacement of trust set in the Outback of Australia.

The Score is a very minimalist combination of Blues Harp and Electric Guitar (Jon Pease). As the film is a stylised Western, the score lightly borrows from the genre. More



Rebecca Barry - Documentary Series - 2008

Rebecca Barry's 4-Part observational documentary for SBS follows the lives of four outstanding teachers, their impact on the lives of their students and the wider community.

Shot as observational portraits each episode features one teacher, following them from the classroom to their extra curricular work and the relationships with their students, parents and the community at large. More Info



Mark Lee - Feature Drama - 2007

Winner 'Best Original Song' at the APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards.

Winner Prix du Jury at St Tropez

Starring Matthew Newton, Aden Young and Sibylla Budd, this feature is a tale of ambitious love and love of ambition, set in the Emerald City of Sydney. "A stockbroker. A banker. Two friends. One bet. What would you risk? Will, a young stockbroker, makes an ego-fuelled bet with his wealthy friend Angus: Who can make the most money in ninety days? Will's desperation forces him to measure the cost of his ambition against the true value of love. More Info



Darcy Yuille / Alex West - Documentary Series - 2007

Constructing Australia - is an auspicious three part historical documentary on unique and pivotal Australian engineering projects. Partly funded by Film Australia, and airing on ABC, John composed the Wire Through the Heart episode and the series Main Titles. Wire' describes the Australian side of the building of the first ever Telegraph Link that finally connected Australia through to London. It traces explorer Stuart's path from Adelaide to Darwin, and the subsequent telegraph construction. More Info



Rupert Glasson - Drama - 2007

Winner 'Best Original Score' Sony Tropfest

Real Thing is an edgy and super-real tale. What might happen if we were to wake up next to someone we didn't know, but who knew us as intimately as a partner might?

This Score was performed live with the director over an intense weekend of recording. It was layered in multiple passes by a grand piano that, although not 'prepared', was sounded in every way possible without actually striking a key.



Geoff Murphy - Feature Drama - 2006

A very successful and rewarding stint writing additional music for this feature drama by Geoff Murphy. Geoff Murphy directed such films as ‘Under Siege 2’ (’95) and ‘Fortress 2’ (99), and was Second Unit Director on ‘Lord of The Rings’ (01/02).

Spooked is a thriller loosely based on Ian Wishart's book The Paradise Conspiracy, about the mysterious death of a New Zealander who happened upon international banking records after purchasing a used computer. More Info



Ben Phelps - Drama - 2006

Winner Grand Jury Prize at Montreal Film Festival

Checkpoint tells the story of a Lebanese man and his family who are pulled over at an Army checkpoint in rural Australia. What happens next is a chilling resonance on the state of tolerance, in a country that should know better.

The score is based on the beautiful and haunted playing of Joesph Tawadros on Oud and Steve Fieldhouse on Ebow Guitar, augmented by a strange/brooding electronic score. Checkpoint has won a myriad of prizes internationally. More Info

Kokoda_Hero_ Flipped.jpg


Alister Grierson - Feature Drama - 2006

Top10 Highest Grossing Australian Film of the decade

Alister Grierson's feature - 'Kokoda' tells the story of a small band of soldiers who are stranded behind enemy lines in Papua New Guinea during WWII. It explores the horror of battle and the brotherhood and innarticulateness of male communication. More Info



Alister Grierson - Comedy Drama - 2006

Winner Best Comedy, Best Script, People's Choice at Tropfest

A very funny film about mistaken identity and a car that proves to be a bomb. This film would be rather sad if it wasn't so damn funny.



Rebecca Barry - Documentary - 2003

Aired on ABC-TV, Overture is an observational documentary about John Gray and two other composers' experiences at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). It was shot during an Orchestral Record.



Rupert Glasson – Drama - 2002

Finalist Sundance Film Festival

A story of obsession, addiction and self destruction.



Jason Tolsher – Drama - 2002

Won Best Short at St. Tropez

Finalist Montreal Film Festival

Brother and sister are pitted against each other in a battle for the family's future. both are equally damaged by a life of emotional turmoil and mistakes. one of them will need to make a life-altering sacrifice. Where does our responsibility to our family begin and end? Does family have the right to ask us to sacrifice all?



Kelrick Martin – Documentary - 2002

Winner Best Film at Chicago International Documentary Film Festival

A powerfully touching observational documentary following the wonderful Roy Read, who's past was stolen as a child. Roy Read was raised an orphan and told he wasn't Aboriginal - just "darker than others". At Kinchela Boys' Home he was subjected to the horrors of institutionalised life. Now 49 years later, he returns to face the demons of his past - and reconnect with the family he never knew he had.


Additional Credits:

Infidels - Stewart Klein - Drama - 2004

AFTRS 30th Anniversary Promo - 2003

Leaving Hope - Tom Francis – Drama - 2003

Heartache (Alistair Grierson - Drama - 2003

Fourplay - Matt Angus – Comdey Drama - 2003

Carpark - Darcy Yuille – Drama - 2002

Behind the Plastic Bubble - Alister Grierson – Documentary - 2002

Truckies Don’t Eat Quiche - Ben Davies – Documentary - 2002